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NIJ IIIA Ballistic Body Armour (plates only)

NIJ IIIA Ballistic Body Armour (plates only)

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This NIJ IIIA 10" x 12" Ballistic Body Armour provides the ultimate protection against high-velocity rounds. Crafted with ceramic and polyethylene, it exceeds NIJ standards for level IIIa ballistic protection. The 10” x 12” chest plate offers superior protection with lower weight for maximum comfort.



NIJ IIIA 10"x12" 2.3-6mm Bullet Proof Steel Plate For Tactical Safety Vest Anti Ballistic Body Armour Stab Proof Board 25x30cm

--You can put it in your backpack, briefcase, handbag etc, it can play a protective role at emergency moment.


--Both sides of the steel plate are coated with EVA damping cotton and waterproof cloth, so its measured thickness is far greater than its actual thickness. The following is the actual thickness of the 2.3mm specification.


--This bulletproof steel plate can also be used in conjunction with body armor, hair to increase its bulletproof performance and level


--NIJ IIIA Standard.


--Anti stab, bulletproof, perfect for protecting yourself .


--2 Style for your choice, Prismatic and Rectangle, the prismatic is suitable for front of vest, rectangle is suitable for back of vest


Protect against 9mm, 124gr FMJ 1425 FPS (434 M/S),.44 MAG, 240gr SJHP 1403 FPS (427 M/S)

Can Protect against 79 micro-punch penetration,Penetration of lead-core bullets of Chinese standard 54 pistols


Material: EVA damping cotton, waterproof cloth, steel


Size: 300 * 250 * 6mm (12"x10")


Steel thickness: 2.3-2.5MM


Weight: about 1.45 kg


Package List:

1X Bulletproof Board(Bulletproof board only, DO NOT include vest)




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